For Students

For Students

The primary objective of the Reading for Results© course is not just simple speed reading; we aim for a comprehensive overhaul of not only reading speed, comprehension and recall, but also note-taking, memorization and study skills.

The Reading for Results© course is excellent for students of all levels of education, from lower school to college and graduate level studies.

The reading speed and comprehension improvement skills taught in the course are applicable to any student of a 3rd grade reading level; and while students as young as 8 are able to utilize the skills, they still maintain their usefulness into the rigorous reading requirements of collegiate studies.

The methods learned in the Reading for Results© course are useful to any type of reading, carrying with them the extra benefits of improved comprehension and recall to make studying for college classes and recalling difficult reading material significantly easier.

In addition to the straight reading skills improvement, the note-taking and memory methods learned in the course are also useful to students of all ages. The same note-taking skills that are perfect for students just learning to take notes retain their effectiveness into the most difficult course material. Through a proven process of utilizing the brain’s natural tendencies, students of all ages can master note-taking skills that maintain the studied material in one’s mind long after conventional note-taking methods.

All skills developed in the Reading for Results© course improve with practice, so the earlier a student participates, the sooner the skills can start developing; however, students of any age can learn and master the skills to drastically improve their efficiency in reading and note-taking.